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More about Marrakech – Marrakech sightseeing

by | May 20, 2022 | Marrakech sightseeing | 0 comments

You arrived in Marrakech, Morocco but you don’t know where to go! In this article I will list all the Marrakech sightseeing and you decide which one to begin with and which is must be seen.

What is the famous Marrakech sightseeing that you should visit

Marrakech is a historical city and one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. It’s founded on the foothill of the Atlas Mountains exactly in the west. It was known with its beauty and special life style of its inhabitants. Also, the sightseeing of the city (the must-see sites) make Marrakech an international tourism destination. And people come all over the world specially to visit the charm city Marrakech. In the following, I will mention some of the Marrakech sightseeing.

First-Marrakech sightseeing – Marrakech Musuem

It’s an ancient house in Dar Menebhi Place, located in the center of the old city near to the famous square Djamaa El-fna. It was founded by Mehdi Menebhi in the twentieth century. It was built and designed on the Andalusian Style which give it an old and beautiful look inspire the visitor. It’s mixed between different cultures where it presents the Berber culture, Arabic culture, and the Moroccan Jewish heritage besides old books about the history of Morocco and other articles.   


Second-Marrakech sightseeing – Dar Si Said Museum

It’s a heritage museum called the Moroccan Art’s Museum. It’s now founded thanks to Si Said who built this beautiful house. Each year holds lot of art-works and exhibitions. It’s near to the well-known place Bahia Palace.  


Third-Marrakech sightseeing – Djamaa El-Fna Square

A famous square in Marrakech and an open-place where most of people spend their time. It’s the heart of the city’s economy. Tens of activities and shows are practiced there (story-tellers, comedy, snake charming, kiosks of food and drinks etc. In the evening, the square offers a panoramic view; people come to have their coffees around the square to enjoy their time.


Fourth-Marrakech sightseeing – Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is a site goes back to the late 19th century. The stories say that Bahia Palace was founded by Si Musa; he is considered the Alaouite’s grandson. It’s located nearby Djamaa El-Fna. What makes the site attractive is the design and decoration on how it’s stand. It’s really a pace of art. Also, the place contains a small riad with a beautiful garden.


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Fifth-Marrakech sightseeing – Koutubiyya Mosque

The largest Jamaa (mosque) in Marrakech and an old one. The mosque has two main periods: first one, in 1147 by Abd al-Mumin and the second edition was in 1158. But the minaret of the mosque they say that Ya’qub al-Mansure is the one who built it. Morocco is known with the great architecture which make the country very special and a differ from other courtiers. It is a tangible example of culture and heritage maintaining. All the visitors can enter inside the mosque; non-Muslims as well.


Sixth-Marrakech sightseeing – Majorelle Gardens

The gardens that take visitors’ heart from the first contact. It seems like a paradise on earth. It has more than 90 years old since it was built by the orientalist French artist Jacques Majorelle. And the design of this art work was planned by the French architect Paul Sinior. Nowadays, people came from everywhere to have a souvenir with this charm villa. You can’t be in Marrakech without having a visit to this must-see site.  


Seventh-Marrakech sightseeing – Marrakech Souks

The traditional big markets of Marrakech are really wonderful. First thing you will see is the colorful products organized in a creative way. The souks are dynamic and people talking to each other and having fun; that’s create a special vibe. You can visit the small museums that are presenting old materials and products from the Moroccan ancient culture.


Eighth-Marrakech sightseeing – Saadian Tombs

It’s where the kings and caliphates of Saadian were buried after their death. The tombs are located in the royal kasbah in Marrakech. It’s an attractive tourism place because of its beautiful architecture; it is a well-preserved heritage get back to the Saadian’s dynasty.

The above-mentioned Marrakech sightseeing are not the only ones in the city. There are other beautiful places that you can visit while you’re there such Elbadiia palace, the Menara basin, Ourika (in the region of Marrakech) etc.

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