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Before going on vacation, we recommend that you take your vehicle to the nearest Garage of mechanic. 


This is necessary to check the condition of your vehicle between the two mandatory inspections and to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. 


If you don’t do this voluntary inspection, here are some tips on how to check your car yourself. 

Technical Checks Before Going on Vacation 

Here’s a list of simple checks you should perform on your car before you leave on vacation to reduce the risk of breakdowns. 


Before you leave, be sure to check the pressure and condition of your tires. It is recommended that you check the tread wear with the tread wear indicators. If the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, the tires are worn and may lose traction, especially on wet or greasy roads. 

    Brake fluid 

    The brake fluid level must be between the “Minimum” and “Maximum” displays. If the brake fluid level is below the minimum level, there may be a leak in the brake system or the brake pads may be heavily worn. Brake fluid loses its properties over time and therefore needs to be changed regularly; car manufacturers usually recommend a frequency of two years or about 50,000 km.Fake IDs, this information can be found in the vehicle’s maintenance manual. 

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    A poorly lit vehicle is dangerous for all road users. Checking the lights and turn signals is simple and takes only a few minutes. It is important to check the condition, function and placement of lights and turn signals. 

    Air conditioning  

    The air conditioning filter in the passenger compartment, usually located under the glove box or windshield, is easy to check. If you find that cool air is produced slowly and the exhaust air is rather warm, it is possible that the coolant level is too low.  

    Shock absorber 

    Several signs can indicate bad shock absorbers: Vibration at the steering wheel, loss of grip when cornering, uneven tire wear, increased braking distance.  



    The coolant level should be checked on average once a month with the engine cold. It is advisable to check that the level is between the “minimum” and “maximum” indicators before going on vacation and top up the coolant if necessary. 

    The oil levels 

    Before a long trip, it is advisable to check the engine oil level. This check should be done when the engine is cold. To do this, simply pull out the dipstick where you get a DNI dummy, wipe it off and put it back in. When pulling out the dipstick, check that the line is between the “mini” and “maxi” marks. Add more oil if necessary. If you find that the level is often insufficient, there may be a leak or problem in the engine. 


    Wiper blades  

    When you go on vacation, you are not immune to a storm or downpour. Before you head out, make sure your wiper blades are in good condition. It’s generally recommended to replace them every year to maintain maximum efficiency. Also make sure that the windshield wiper fluid is sufficient. 

    The battery 

    A long trip is easy on the battery. Does the engine start at a quarter lap? A dead battery doesn’t just happen in the winter. To check if your device is still working properly, use a multimeter. 

    The air filter and the cabin air filter

    A clogged air filter is never a good thing, as it blocks airflow to the engine. The result is higher fuel consumption, more pollution, and a less efficient engine. So if you notice your engine losing power under acceleration or emitting a dark, muffled exhaust smoke, you should change the filter! Ask someone or a mechanic on how to do this, or follow the instructions in your car manual. 


    The cabin air filter filters out pollen and contaminants so you can breathe cleaner air in your car. If it’s dirty, it won’t do its job and can even be a problem if you want to dehumidify your windshield. To replace it, it is often enough to unscrew the filter holder behind the glove compartment. However, on some vehicle models, this filter is located under the dash, hood or wiper blades. A look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual will help you find it. 

    If you definitely know nothing on How you can Check your Vehicle before going on a vacation: 

    Take advantage of the maintenance packages offered by the Garages of mechanic. 

    You and the mechanics: are there two of you? Have your car checked by a professional. It’s even safer. Garages often offer service packages at very attractive prices. It will be cheaper than an expensive repair abroad. But make an appointment in time. Before the summer vacations, garages are often very busy. 

    Wait Before you Drive! 

    Did you forget something before you set off? 

    Check the battery of the central locking system and the expiration date  

    of the fire extinguisher. By the way, is your green card still valid? Also, did you know that some countries require more fluorescent vests in the vehicle or a second warning triangle? 

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