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The first question you ask yourself when you arrive to Morocco is where to go in Morocco. Located in North Africa, Morocco has a rich geographic, historical, and cultural heritage. Along with France and Spain, it is the only country in the world that has the Mediterranean coast on one side and the Atlantic coast on the other. As a result, there are many must-see tourist destinations in Morocco. Among them, here are three places that you should definitely visit during your stay in Morocco.

Casablanca: The economic capital

Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital, is a young and dynamic city. Almost 60% of the country’s economic activity is concentrated here. With a population of 4 million, Casablanca is one of the most important cities in North Africa. It is also the fourth largest city in Africa. Furthermore, Casablanca matches the image of a prestigious European metropolis and is very business oriented.

In addition to a stay full of dreams and memories, Casa offers the best value for money. It is also a cool city by day and by night. To liven up the night, if you like steam, drink chicha. Just buy cheap chicha to make a memorable souvenir of your stay in Morocco.

But if you like historical discoveries, you should know that there are buildings in the city that date back to the 1930s. The old medina and its narrow alleys will transport you to a tumultuous historical era. Don’t forget to visit the largest mosque in the Maghreb, the Hassan II Mosque. The wealth and luxury inherent in this extraordinary house of worship is the most sublime of all mosques.

Merzouga Dunes (come to Morocco)

No trip to Morocco would be complete without a visit to the Sahara Desert. To fulfill this wish, we will visit Merzouga, a town in the Sahara Desert. Located in the southeast of Morocco, this small town is a great starting point for exploring the great dunes of Morocco.

This spectacular lunar landscape in the Sahara Desert, also known as Erg Chebbi, is as beautiful as a postcard. Here you will see the desert, sand dunes, and camels as often seen in documentaries. As far as the eye can see, there is a sea of golden sand.

The magical sandy landscape offers countless activities for an unforgettable holiday in Morocco. You can ride a camel or simply take a walk. If nighttime sightseeing surprises you, you can spend the night under the stars at a nomadic or Berber bivouac in the Sahara Desert.

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    Marrakech: Red city

    A city only 3 hours by plane from Europe. Only 3 hours by plane from Paris to the place of your dreams. So if you only have a weekend or a few days off, it is the perfect vacation destination!

    Marrakech is the most welcoming city with the most visitors. Want to travel and relax at the same time? In Marrakech, most people speak fluent French. So you don’t have to learn sign language to get through. The Moroccan lifestyle is steeped in warm hospitality, so don’t be surprised if you are invited for a meal when you are just here for shopping.

    Marrakech is located in the southern part of Morocco, between the Atlas Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Sahara Desert. You can enjoy the sea, the mountains, and your favorite pastimes. Diving, surfing, hiking, motocross, horseback riding, rafting, rock climbing, and even skiing if you travel in winter. Experience unique excursions with our travel services.

    Marrakech is called the “Pearl of the South” for a reason. The climate allows you to escape the heat all year round. Also, the cuisine of Marrakech is world famous. Discover traditional recipes that combine vegetables and meat in delicious harmony. Do not forget the famous oriental pastries along with mint tea. You can also enjoy a taste of Marrakech in the heart of the medina or take advantage of the premium chef service in your luxurious villa.

    In Marrakech, you will experience the history of a city built over thousands of years. Walking the streets, the architecture of the old houses will transport you to another era. You will visit every district of Marrakech, including the Jewish Quarter, the Agdal Gardens, and Jemaa el-Fna Square.

    Moroccan life awaits you. Get lost in the streets and get acquainted with the merchants and passersby. Marrakech’s various souks are famous for selling traditional products.

    There is no such thing as boredom in Marrakech. From bars to theaters to shows, there is always something going on in the city, and you will never be bored at night. Don’t forget to check the event schedule to recreate your dream night in Marrakech.

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    Cascades de Ouzoud 

    If you want to be immersed forever in the universe of landscapes, discover the Ouzoud waterfall. At 110 meters high, this waterfall is one of the most natural places in Morocco. It pours down in torrents on three levels carved into the bedrock. It is also located in an easily accessible location. You can easily see it by following the forest trails. As you walk, you will encounter various vendors and signs.

    When you arrive at the base of the falls, you will be overwhelmed by the desire to get close to this massive waterfall, which is so small. You can take a rowboat across to the other side of the river to see the huge waterfall. The return trip promises a spectacular panoramic view.

    The sightseeing of Uzdu Falls will be concluded at a place where you can see a rainbow over the falls. But if you want to discover other landscapes, take the veil: the Tudoga Gorge, the Dades Gorge, and the Valley of Lovers.

    Notable cities in Morocco include:

     Marrakech: political center.

     Rabat: a maze of blue and white streets, the Casbah of Oujdaia.

     Ouarzazate: a center of filmmaking known for its beautiful scenery.

     Tangier: facing one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean, and more.

    If time permits, feel free to extend your stay and visit these Moroccan cities where many surprises await you.

    If you would like to know more about where to go in Morocco, please contact us and plan your journey with us to the most beautiful places in Morocco.