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 Moroccan Imperial Cities in 7 Days

day1:  Casablanca – Transfer to the hotel

When arrived at the international airport of Mohamed V at Casablanca, our driver will be on your demand to transfer you to the hotel you will be staying at. After showering and relaxing, our staff will join you  so they can provide you with all the necessary  information about the trip.

Day 2: Casablanca – Rabat – Meknes – Fes

Our wonderful trip starts from your accommodation at Casablanca. Our first location will be the majestic mosque of Hassan II, it is the largest mosque in africa, and the fifth largest in the world. With its world’s tallest minaret at 210 meters,topped by a laser; a light which is directed towards Mecca. The mosque stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic ocean; Where prayers can look over the sea. With our guide we will make sure to show you this Moroccan master piece. Afterwards, we will drive towards the capital city, and one of Morocco’s four imperial cities “Rabat”; here you will explore the magnificent “Hassan tower” , an incomplete minaret that was supposed to be the tallest in the world. Then you will visit the sacred mausoleum of Mohamed V, where the king’s father and grand-father are buried. Moving on to the impressive ruins of Chellah, a medieval fortified Muslim necropolis on the south side of the Bou Regarg estuary, it was a site of an ancient Roman colony in the province of Mauretania Tingitana. Also we will take you to visit the the interesting Mechouar of the Royal Palace. Thereupon, we will move towards an imperial city nicknamed the “Ismaili capital”, where you will enjoy strolling around its medieval alleys, and its narrow monuments such as the marvelous gate of “Mansour”, accompanied with the flawless Plaza of “Lehdim”. Late in the afternoon, we will arrive at the Morocco’s cultural city “Fes”, where you will be spending the night at a hotel/riad, with dinner and breakfast included.

Day 3: Full Day To Visit Fes

In toaday’s program, we will take you in an entertaining tour around the historical city of Fes, starting with the medieval alleys of the old medina, with their old unique architecture. Strolling around the odorous old markets, till we reach the the majestic gate of the Royale palace. Also we will visit a master-piece, the impressive mosque and one of the oldest unversities in the world “El Quaraouine”. Thereupon you will get the opportunity to visit the Zaouia of Moulay Driss II,  it is dedicated to and contains the tomb of Idriss II, who ruled Morocco from 807 to 828 and is considered the main founder of the city of Fes and of the first Moroccan Islamic state. Lunch will be served at a traditional restaurant in the ancient medina. Afterwards we will resume our tour by visiting the funduq Al Najjarin, is a funduq in Fes el Bali, the old medina quarter. The funduq is situated in the heart of the medina, at Al-Najjarin square, which is notable for the Nejjarin fountain, an attached saqqaya or traditional fountain for caravans. We also going to visit the Dar Btha, or Qsar El Batha, a formed royal palace in the city of Fes. The palace was commissioned by the Alaouite Sultan Hassan I, and his successor Abdelaziz in the 19th century. The palace now is a museum dedicated for arts and crafts. Eventually we will conclude the day from the Marinid tombs the perfect lookout point over the historical city of Fes. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4 : Fes – Irane – Azrou – Beni Mellal

From Fes we will depart to Beni-Mellal, crossing the wonderful middle Atlas mountains and its beautiful cities such as the European influence “Ifrane” or as nicknamed “the Switzerland of Morocco”. A city beautifully covered by the amazing Cedar forests that gaves it a refreshing sphere. We are going to stop by the unique town of Azrou, that surrounded by one of the largest evergreen Holm oak and cedar forests that covers the area; this town is an attraction for the residents,hikers, and picknikers of the large neighbouring towns. Here with our guide you will gget to explore the city more and discover its famous woodwork. Lunch at Azrou, then we continue towards Beni Mellal where you will  spend the night at a hotel with dinner and breakfast included.

Day 5: Beni Mellal – Ouzoud Waterfalls – Marrakech

In the morning you will enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, then we will take to a nature’s miracle, sits near to Beni Mellal. The incredible waterfalls of Ouzoud, passing by some impressive berber villages that contains some stunning landscapes. When arrived at Ouzoud ,our guide will introduce you to this uncanny waterfalls that you will be amazed by their beauty, and he will take you closer under them so you can take some incredible photos. Lunch will be at a restaurant in front of the waterfalls, to savor a traditional Moroccan dish called “Tajine”. Later in the afternoon we will depart towards the “red city” of Marrakech, where you will be staying at a hotel/riad with dinner and breakfast included.

Day 6: Full Day To Visit Marrakech

In Marrakech we offer you a day dedicated for exploring this wonderful, historical city. Since the red city is an interesting home for mosques, palaces and gardens; we will start our tour by visiting the majestic mosque of El Koutoubia, the largest mosque in Marrakech, It is also known by the name mosque of booksellers. Next we will visit the charming Bahia Qsar, it is a Palace and a set of gardens. Was built in the late 19th century, and it is intended to be the greatest palace of its time. Thereupon we will move towards the artistc and, most visited place in Marrakech, the Majorelle gardens. A well designed villa with a two and ald acre botonical garden, created by the greatest Jacque Majorelle between the 1923s and 1930s. After a quiet stay we will explore the Sidi Said museum of Jewellery.Lunch will be in a restaurant at the ancent medina, where you will savor a Marrakchi special dish called “Tanjiya” before continuing our tour. Subsequently, conclude the day in front of the charming Plaza of Jamaa Lefna, enjoying the unique ambiance of the place while relaxing in a cafe.

Day 7: Marrakech – Casablanca (Hotel or Airport)

In the morning, we will unfotunetly leave the city of Marrakech, drawing our way back to the city of Casblanca. Here we will transfer you to your accommodation, or to the airport according to your flight schedule. Thank yu for choosing our company to share with you this unforgettable experience.